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Friday, September 16, 2011

Hari Malaysia and what we did

Am so glad today's a Public Holiday. The city's celebrating Hari Malaysia with Dataran Merdeka and Jalan Raja closed for celebrations and Chinatown, aka "Petaling Street" is abuzz with Mid Autumn celebrations. There'll be cultural performances, photo exhibition and such.

We did none of those. I had my heart set on Isetan Foodmarket's reopening at KLCC concourse floor. Jaclyn already ajak-ed me couple of days ago, she knows I'm a diehard presale kaki (and that's about the only time I find worth shopping, for kids clothes, food, sundries and my personal stuff). Our usual routine is to have breakfast at the Old Racecourse Kopitiam at Level 4 foodcourt. The best breakfast set you can get around KLCC, RM5.90 for a nasi lemak and coffee/tea set.

Was so afraid of missing my breakfast and I had to rush my 2 roommates. One was taking his time doing his stuff, the other was taking my time doing her stuff. I spent a good whole hour cleaning the wound on her knee. She fell in the kindie playground 2 days ago. Her knees scraped and bled. I cleaned and dressed the wound but it fell off and her teacher put on a plaster over her still bleeding knees but she used the cloth plaster, very icky and sticky type. Her graze is a lot bigger than the plaster and I can imagine the pain of having your wound taped with icky sticky plaster and nothing could be worst than tearing off the plaster before infection sets on the wound, not even waxing a hairy leg with melting wax ! 

So, it was an hour of 'crying - please don't touch but please help me- please don't touch but  please help me' from her and threats from me : ' don't take off the plaster - your knee will be scarred - we'll have to take you to clinic - we'll have to take you to HOSPITAL'.. Gawd... the whole episode lasted one hour until hubs had the quick mind of asking me to run cold water down her knee to help the plaster unglue.  She even said 'Papa quite clever hor.. can think about using water to rinse away the plaster glue'..
I hate handling dressings.. aiyer.. very painful to see the little kid in pain but a moms gotta do the dirty job.

Once done.. I shooed both of them with warnings that we gotta leave soon coz I must have my nasi lemak at KLCC or else ........... jeng jeng jeng jeng...

Anyway.. made it in time to meet Jaclyn for breakfast. She was alone, enjoying her 'me' time away from her 4 men !!

We went to Isetan Foodmarket and was shocked by the crowd. Trolleys were taken up and a lot of best buys were also snapped up but we managed to get what we wanted.  I queued for the honey baked ham and Jaclyn queued to pay. It's a bonus having  a friend to shop with. :D :D

I like the Foodmarket for it's service and quality food. For a slight premium, I'm getting my money worth. Some other supermart (for I shan't name), charges premium but does not deliver the service or quality we are paying for.

Amber was a little naughty, she helped herself to samples of Japanese grapes. My eyeballs popped when I saw the price. RM145 for a punnet   :(  but they're darn nice, aitelyu.

Once done, I shooed hubs and her off, I didn't want to stay at KLCC any longer, couldn't stand the crowd. We went home, unload our stuff and went for lunch and then for a haircut for 3 of us.

My helper cooked tau yew bak. Must applaud her for her effort, hubs said ichiban. I was all smiles not only because the tau yew bak was good but ' I trained well ' kinda feeling.

We all watched Ong Bak - a muay thai flick and that was our day today.  A happy day and I feel elated knowing I can sleep in for 2 days more. Tomorrow's only Saturday :D