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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Allergy Attack

Amber had an allergy attack last week. Her eyes were already red  and something happened, she was rude to our guests and hubs punished her later. She cried and I think the outburst and her constant rubbing of eyes with dirty hands triggered an allergic reaction. Her eyes became red and puffed up. I could see a thick layer of gelatinous mucus in her eyes.

Cetrizine and her regular eye drops didn't work. She was kicking a fuss and I wanted to teach her a lesson not to scratch her eyes with dirty hands. I told her the doctor have to cut open her eyes to remove the gelatinous layer. I regretted my words, as she was crying and wailing all the way to the doctors, 'Please don't cut my eyes.. please don't cut my eyes ...uwaaauwaaa  .. . terrible me !!!!  
Doctor prescribed her cortisteroid eyedrops and another steroid based allergy medicine. 
By morning, the swelling subsided 80%
I hope this serves as a lesson to her to always keep her hands clean and never never touch anything and everything in sight. I shall show her these photos to remind her.