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Monday, March 14, 2011

The School Trip

I received an invitation to the first school trip. This time, it's to the fire station and Domino's Pizza. My first reaction was .. no .. no pizza for her. I gently explained she can't have pizza. She can't take yeast, cheese or sausage but she interrupted. .  no .. no need to eat.. see people make pizza only ! Mummy.. can go or  not ? ....  she was very keen to go.
How could I say no ? *sigh*... I talked to hubs about it and we cannot be certain she'll not eat pizza. It's not a matter of trust but she's hardly 5  and I cannot expect a 5 year old to understand food science or read ingredients. What if they offer her bread sticks? What if she takes cheese flavoured fries. Anything can happen to kick her off her allergy treatment track. I certainly cannot expect the teacher to be responsible for her diet during the school trip when they have to manage dozens of kids. She missed the Vitagen factory trip  last year and  was jeered by her classmates for missing the trip (yes, they do that !!!  nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah.. I am going to the Vitagen factory and you cannot go !!.. nyah nyah nyah...*SIGH* KIDS !!!) ...

I'm going with her.. Food inspector mummy will tag along.. .. visiting the Bomba should be fun !