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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Little Ms Teacher

She was very good yesterday, at her abacus class. Did 2 page of work with little guidance and didn't want to go home. Well, she has good days and bad. Yesterday was a good day and I hope every other day is a good day too. She was the last student left when I picked her and she was playing with marker pens and whiteboard.

Teacher tested her with some mental equations.. I took some pics of her with my mobile phone. Here, she's using her index and thumb to do the mental equations.

Then she played teacher. Set up some equations for teacher and me.
 See how she writes '3' ?   She did it on purpose !

 and teacher taught her on long, she sets up long equations for us too.  If you notice, her equations always ends with a 'zero'....  9-9+10-10... and so forth...

I hope she continues her 'good days' more frequent.  I hate forcing her to finish her abacus homework!