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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ballet, Jazz and such

Inspired by her current favourite cartoon  - Angelina Ballerina, she's been wanting to learn ballet.
As a full time working mom (and juggling the household without a maid), I try to accomodate as much as possible while maintaining my sanity. As it is, our schedule is already full, working on weekdays and weekends are spent on family, clients and balik kampung.

I found a class not too far and yet not so near from home which has baby ballet and jazz but transportation is an issue. Initially thought of asking Ah Boon to drop her off when he goes to pick up the kids from primary school but there's a 30 mins lapse from the time he drops her off till class starts. The center staff can't assist much either as there's always students and parents walking in and out and no one could keep an eye on Amber. Never mind that, they still allowed a free trial class for ballet and jazz. 

I wasn't allowed into the ballet class, Amber wouldn't allow me, not the teacher. She asked me to wait for her outside. :( 

I joined the jazz class and snapped some pics of her.

The kind Jazz teacher advised me to send her for baby ballet first. It's the pre-req for other dance class.
Now that timing for this center is not convenient, I have to look for others, preferbly a weekend class.

Sigh.. as much as I want her to pick up hobbies she has interest in, I find it too difficult to juggle time and transportation.

I guess this is the dilemma of most full time working moms !