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Thursday, December 2, 2010

When It Rains.. it.. POURS !!!

literally.. it does..

I did post on Amber sleeping snugly in my office last week. All was not well. She was weak and want to be carried to the car. I had to quickly buy a pair of pants from the shops downstairs when she told me she was cold, her feet was cold and she had no energy.
We braced the mad KL Friday evening jam to Cheras and pick up hubs. Amber had fever and looked listless. We made a quick decision to stop by at Pantai Cheras A&E to get her checked out instead of racing back to Tampin as planned.

She had fever of 40.5 celcius.. mighty high ! Her tonsils were inflammed on one side. The doctor quickly suggested suppository, something which we've not used for years. When Amber heard.. 'stuff the buttock' , she wailed.. I gave her a choice.. Papa to stuff or Doctor ? Somehow , having to choose Papa over doctor makes the ordeal less painful.... and so we stuffed her. She wailed.. like a baby, as expected. :(

She's given antibiotics (Zithromax) , Ibuprofen and Panadol to bring down the fever. This is her first try at Ibuprofen. Works like wonders. I always worry that Panadol or any other Paracetamol may not last more than 4 hours.. and now with Ibuprofen, she takes them alternate at every 4 hours interval and an extra bullet   suppository at night if the fever does not subside.

We stopped by at KFC along NSE to get her some food, mashed potatoes. We need some food before we could feed her another dose of ibuprofen. After coaxing and forcing.. and finally meds in, she threw up, luckily a quick minded decision to let her hold the mashed potato bowl saved the vomits.. some ended up on her clothes and some on hubs jeans.. the only pair of jeans he had to last for the weekend. Poor hubs had only one other pair of tattered shorts.

And so... we took a slow and quiet drive to Tampin. Upon reaching.. she was jumping high n low, playing w everyone. I was also jumpin high n low, making sure she had enough liquids in her tummy. She refused her Isomil as she said it hurts her throat very much.

Middle of the night, fever came back, ferocious.. I didn't have a thermometer with me but i guessed it was close to the 40's range and so.. we sumbat her buntut again.

The next morning, we took a very early drive to Tangkak to consult her allergy specialist. I got the maid to prepare her barley water and porridge before we left.  I wanted to be early.. to be the first in line.. as I had to make my way back to Tampin for lunch then go to Malacca later, with the in laws.

The doctor checked on her inflamed throat again and found many white ulcer spots on her tonsils. No wonder she's been complaining since few days ago of pain on her throat. We shrugged it off as a non event or as an excuse not to finish her food.  The spots looks real ugly and Dr Wong was trying to console her.

He asked if she liked ice cream or yogurt but I intercepted and whacked the whole idea off. She's allergic to milk remember ???  Dr was also taken aback .. quite funny and sad at the same time. We both could not offer much solution to the poor child's inflamed throat.  

Her allergy test was NOT GOOD. New surprises. Allergy to milk came back. WHAM ! WHACKED !! We are down the ladder again, back to ground zero and starting all over again.. sigh ! sigh ! sien ! major SIEN !

Her allergy reading was :

House dust mite - 10   
Egg - 6
Milk - 6
Candida - 0

This is so disappointing. SO SOO SOOO DISAPPOINTING ! I had expected better results from her test 2 months ago where she was tested to be allergic only to eggs and now we have milk and house dust mites to deal with.

The deal about house dust mites is you cannot eliminate them. I think she caught it from an overnights stay at the in-laws. Our room is usually unoccupied and it's also usually very dusty when we go back for a stay. There's a helper to change the sheet and clean the room but only so much can be done. I know the room is laden with dust mites as I can't sleep either on the same night. Moi wasn't feeling too good and can feel the dust mites trickling down my throat when I tried to sleep.

Then the eggs..OK ... we tried hard to eliminate.. tried very hard.. at least it went down from 12 to 6. Try harder ok ?? and trying harder is not good enough.. we have to STICK TO IT !!

And the milk.. I half suspected something bad to crop up from this visit when Amber has been coughing a lot lately. All the syrups prescribed did not work and kill off the cough.. True enough, she has allergy to milk and there's some milk substance there somewhere in her bloodstream. I can only pinpoint to the few roti canais she started taking lately.. and oh pleasee... there's only so much so little milk in her roti canai. and why wasn't it detected in Sept, our last visit ?

GAWD !!! Exasperating.. it's like winning the race.. almost winning .. nearly there.. only nano seconds to the finishing line and then a gust of wind blows you back to ground zero !

Really kek sei ngor..

And then the hubs fell sick

And then I fell sick ..

All of us we sick... tic tac toe, eenie meenie miney moe, if it's not me, then you.. or you.... our table is laden with a medley of sick medicine.. Sheesh.. I dun likey this at all..

When we got home on Sunday night.. my gingerbread man , which I've hung on the tree before we left, all fell down.. tumbling down... like the stock market lately. The house was infested with ants..I spent the very late Sunday evening burying the gingerbread man and killing ants ! Sigh.. I give up my big big idea of hanging gingerbread man on Christmas trees. I'll stick to baubles instead. Wait.. I have some real funny pics to show. Let me find time to download first.

Her fever subsided on Monday and I took the day off to send and pick her up from school as it was also her first day of Holiday Program at another center. I've arranged for transportation to pick her from the holiday program school and send her to Boon's

Somehow, my motherly instincts tells me something and somewhat will go wrong. It was the first day of Holiday Program and situation was, needless to say, chaotic. Parents paying for fees, asking for transportation , yada.. yadda. . yadda... all last minute and i have the hunch that something will go very wrong despite me reminding the lady in charge of transportation where to send Amber to and when to start pick up,, etc

I trailed the van, like a private detective.. not too far and not too close that my daughter will see me.. True enough.. the van sent her home  instead of  Boon's. No one was at home to receive Amber. I honked the van and told him it's definitely the wrong address and never to send her home. I didn't even mention 'home' .. i just said.. salah.. jangan bawa dia ke sini.. Gave the correct address and again I did the snooping work.. followed the van all the way to the childminders. The guy was pretty good, I must say. He doesn't just send her home and honk for someone to get the child but he will stop the engine, get out.. assist Amber out and walk her to the house. I like the arrangement and I know Amber will be safe in his hands.

And so.. what else ??  I was sick.. body aching like mad.. went to see a very rude doctor who didn't like me asking sooo many questions.. we walked off but not before hubs gave them a piece of his mind and we went to the hospital. The doctor at the hospital suspected dengue but I really do not think so. After 2 days of painkillers.. I feel better. I hope the pain has been killed for good and no signs of dengue.. luckily i didn't waste any money taking the blood test  :)

I need to get well, the family need to buckle up. Christmas is coming. We need to get our Christmas tree up.

tis the season to be jolly... falalalala... lalalala.. deck the halls with boughs of holly.. falalalala... lalalala