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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Eck-zam Day

Amber had to sit for her first mental arithmetic exam today. She's into her 8th month of class and currently in Book2. Teacher feels she's ready to sit for exam. I had a fright initially when she mentioned 'exam'. My 4 year old, subjected to exams, pass and fails ? At this age ? I can't get over it, even till now.

Her exam was actually last Saturday and we rescheduled it to today as we had plans to go back to the in laws and also get her allergy checked. That was a blessing because she was sick last week and I don't think she could do her best.

When I mentioned 'exam', that she has to go for 'exam' and has to sit for 'exam', she was all excited.
She thought eck-zam (that's how she pronounces it) was an outing to somewhere and a fun event.
Wait till she finds out the ugly truth about exams, I thought but of course I would have hoped she'll enjoy exams in her coming years !

I realised I'm the panicky type and being typical myself as a student, I forced her to practise all morning, even at the mamaks when we had breakfast. Hubs cut it short and said to let her rest, after all exam is 2 hours away.

We bathed and showered her.. I made sure her clothes were comfortable and will not cause itchiness. Amber, being her, always always complains about itchiness and all.. I had to make sure she don't waste precious time scratching. I trimmed her fringe, pig-tailed up her hair and make sure no hair went astray and itches her eyes. I really am PARANOID but ... but... my baby, is going for her first exam..naturally, kancheong-ness sets in.

I cursed the traffic at MRR2 when I saw a long queue. Hubs was getting very annoyed with my anxiety, almost as if he was sending me to sit for exams.

When we reached the center early and punctual. I gave her the abacus and 2 pencils. No mechanicals and erasers.

Each exam is 3 minutes duration and they had to complete 10 mathematical equation using the abacus. No correction by erasing is allowed but they are allowed to cross and rewrite the answer.

When the teacher pressed the stopwatch, I saw Amber talking to the teacher instead of doing the equations. This girl.. haih... she still doesn't understand the concept of EXAM. Still talking. Teacher told her to keep quiet and do her work.. All this while I was peeping from outside the room and laughing..

Results are not out yet. Apparently, it has to be sent to Taiwan for marking - such big deal meh.. ?? but her teacher called me later and said Amber did well and will pass.

Let's wait for the actual result.