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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Self Portrait

We know she likes art very much
She always bugging us to 'do painting' with her
I'm just too lazy to clean up
and my art is horrid. I can't even draw an apple

To save myself from the hassle, we enrolled her for art class. Let the experts handle the mess. All I need to do is provide materials and dress her up in black, so the colors won't stain on her clothes.

After 1 month, I'm happy with her progress and she's happy too, always asking me.. why do you have to come so early  ?? .. even though I'm 30 minutes late to pick her.

Here's a piece of her self portrait.

Looks very much like her.. the eyes, faceshape and hair but I never expected her to put on 'blue eyeshadow'.
Nevertheless, well done !