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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Naugthy-ness can be tuned

I was chit chatting with Amber one morning, on our way to school. Mostly about her kindy, our plans for next year etc.

She knows she's going to a different class next year. The upstairs class, for 5 year olds. Currently only the 4 yr olds are occupying the downstairs class. So, 'upstairs' is for bigger and older kids, the 5 & 6 yr olds.

She feels proud being upgraded to the upstairs class, the big kids class and she said something that made me laugh ...

when I am 5 yr old, I won't be so naughty already lor.. I will be better ..

Aiyo... so funny.. I had a good laugh.. if naughty-ness can be tuned.. I should send her for tuning earlier.