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Friday, November 26, 2010

My Sleeping Child

We had a hectic day today. A new IPO listing today, hubs has a meeting in the afternoon and we have an appointment to go somewhere these evening. Amidst the chaos, the last thing I wanna do is rush home to pick her in the evening when it's pouring and flooding everywhere. 
We took the easy way out and asked her to skip school. Such bad parents we are but but ..... most kindies have started their holidays and her's is the rare one.. class goes on till end November. She's doing revision works, nothing important, can skip la...

I took her to office, armed with blankies, quilts etc. My office is so darn freezing cold, she's wearing a jumper, baby pantyhose, and covered up with a wool blanket, hubs denim jacket and her own denim.  

Amidst the pile of clothes, my sleeping child resting :

I sooooo love to watch her sleep. Don't you ? I mean don't most parents do ? Kids are the sweetest when they shut up and sleep like an angel  :)