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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Up Close and Personal With The Lion

We had a lion dance at our office today. The management had offered to invite the lions to dance at our individual rooms. Amber skipped school to be with us at work today and she's very very excited waiting for the lions to appear. She kept asking 'why so long ? why so long ? telephone lion lah? ask lion to come faster lah !

There was another acrobatic lion dance at the lobby and we went down to peep (while waiting for the big lion show in our office). At the lift we bumped into a friendly lion on the way down. The lion stopped to play with Amber but my little girl was stunned. She never expected getting up, close and personal with a lion. Too bad I didn't take any pics of her then.

We got ready for the lion with some mandarin oranges and lye-see. Initially I wanted to hang up the lye-see but our room is so cramped, someone suggested better to place it on the table, otherwise if the lions climbs up and knock on our PC --- habis already. LOL !!!

And so, to greet the mightly lion :

Our front service area was also nicely decorated

My office, Room 5

I also had cookies greeting my guests

Then Mr Lion came a greeting at our company

Then came to our floor, everyone waiting in anticipation

What was Amber doing ? You guess ? After the encounter with the lion at the lobby, she was very timid and scared :





then finally, the lion came to our room :

received the angpow and in return, redecorated the mandarin oranges on the table

then hubs caught a photo of one of the boys playing with the magnets. I thought this was cute.

The mandarins, arranged and piled up


Our company treated us to a nice lunch ...

Then I got Amber to nap in the office. Since my office is still new, the carpet is still clean..