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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

C2 Green Tea Drink

Last Monday night, the rep from C2 called me to collect 3 cartons of C2 Green Tea drink. I welcome this drink with open arms as it came very timely for me. I had a full day of baking, baking and more bakings (yes, I did say I 'sau tong' but last minute orders came in) and I wanted to gulp down a refreshing drink to chill out more than anything else.

C2 came in 3 flavours.. Lemon, Green Tea and Forest Fruits. Available at 7-11, Mydin, Giant and Jusco, C2 Cool and Clean Refreshing Green Tea Drink is now set to take over Malaysia by storm.

We used to gulp down cartons of soft drinks for Chinese New Year but not anymore, now we opt for a more refreshing and healthier option. C2 is a good choice, thirst quenching and taste good too. Packed with cathechin, a powerful water soluble antioxidant found mainly in unfermented green tea leaves, C2 is brewed and packaged fresh on the same day, therefore retaining all it's antioxidant goodness. Green tea is known to reduce the risk of four of the major health problems such as Stroke, Heart failure, Cancer and Diabetes and those who has Rheumatiod Arthritis, Cholesterol, Infection, Impaired Immune Function ought to give this beverage a shot and it's also good for detoxyfing too.

Drink chilled, preferbly on the rocks (my choice), it's a welcoming new drink for the New Year to neutralize the copious amount of unhealthy food and cookies we consume during the festive season.

I'm not the only one crazy over this beverage. Amber beat me to it and she gulped down the whole bottle of Apple Flavour yesterday. Mmmm. chen hao wei... if Amber likes it, then it must be good, my fussy eater is very picky over her choice of food and beverage. This beats any other sugar packed zero nutrition soft drinks.

Hurry, go grab a carton to share with your friends and relatives over the festive season.