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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Baking Frenzy

I finally 'sau tong' on my baking for sale. I had last minute orders for 10 tins of chocchipchocchunk walnut cookies and I got all done on 1 Feb, Wilayah holiday. 15 tins in all, from 9am to 4pm, with toilet breaks and maggi mee lunch breaks in between. Fast eh ?

Then I also delivered another 6 fruitcakes to a lady who wanted to give away as gifts to her friends. I halved the fruitcakes for her and this is what I did this time :

Wrapped and ribboned up

Fits nicely in a 6x6 box (so difficult to get, I went all over town, from Melawati to Cheras and finally found the cake box and pans at Chun Yip, Jalan Petaling)

Then, bagged them in the Giant Recyclable bags.. I so love these versatile bags..

I missed out taking pics of the chocchipchocchunk cookies. Soo many tins and my whole house smelled like a cookie factory. :)

Then the past few evenings, I squeezed in some time baking for family :

chocchipchocchunk walnut (mini containers), corn flake cookies and almond flakes for family. I didn't bother much on the packing though.. once open, makan only lah.. no need fancy packing.

With CNY 1 week away, I still have so much to do. Moving office this weekend (gosh, I so hate our management, choose the most inappropriate time to move, smack in the CNY last minute shopping jam)

Lemme see.. I still have the following to bake list :
- pineapple tarts
- more fruit cakes
- cornflake cookies
- coconut cookies

Maybe I'll wait till after CNY !!! LOL !