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Friday, February 5, 2010

Calling It A Year

We are moving office TODAY (yes, today, 5 Feb 2010 marks our last day in office. We are relocating and the building will be torn down for redevelopment). Everyone's in a frenzy, packing, discarding stuff etc... and I'm blogging.. coz I'm done with my packing and I went to the new place over lunch hour to unpack some of my stuff.

We leave this place with a heavy heart, been so used to the current environment and we just hate the new place. No choice, company is like that,, love them and stick with them or just leave.. that's their policy.

Our colleagues arranged for lunch, our usual 'sau gong chau' before moving to the new office. Then the management also presented us with :

In spirit of chinese new year, we each received a crate of 'kum' for properous wishes

Then we went for lunch at Hakka Restaurant at Jalan Kia Peng :

My nice colleague sponsored us wine and pu-erh tea and we ordered the CNY set :

Food nothing much to shout about but in spirit of CNY, it's nice gather for lunch and toss to the new year.

A new office, a new year, a new beginning and betterment for all !