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Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Things She Does

We were back to Tampin last weekend. A good break for me, been baking almost every evening.
Amber is always cheeky and loud at Tampin, very 'yit lau' with her Mama, YeYe around, she's most happy.

I caught her with this :

Using the mosquito netting she used as a new born. She pretended to be a baby and baby talked.. yadaa.. aaa.. naa...nooo... and bla bla bla.. Looking back, seems like only a while ago my little baby was sleeping with the mosquito netting. Now, she gotta fold her legs before closing the netting over. Time flies.. and fast too !

Then we went for our usual jalan jalan to Tesco Malacca. I stopped by Bata to look at some shoes. I turned around and found her at this :

not only this.. and more of other shoes .. she just loves shoes and I think the Bata ladies were annoyed too. LOL !