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Wednesday, April 4, 2012


 Amber's got a new penpal. At this age and time, writing letters, ie snail mail is a dying hobby. With email, sms, viber, who needs to write letter eh ?

I remembered waiting impatiently for the postman when I was a kid. Waiting for the letter from my penpals in the US, Hawaii and even letters from my friends in school. Our house didn't have a phone then and writing letters was my only means of communicating with my friends during the long school holidays.

Her first penpal letter is from her pal in Perth. Lauren is 7 yrs old and daughter of my ex-classmate. Co-incidentally, it was snail mail that kept us in touch. My friend's family migrated to Perth when she was in Form 2 and we kept in touch via letters. We lost touch after a while and one day, I was thinking of her and somehow I remembered her home address in Perth. I tried my luck and sent her a letter. I was lucky as her parents were still at the address. She replied my letter and we now keep in touch via sms or email.

She came over for a visit last year with her family and the kids got along. We think it's good for the kids to write letters as a means of keeping in touch.  It's also a good start to help them compose in English.

And, she looks forward to the beautiful stamps too :D
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