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Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Amber does not have an allowance but when she enters Primary 1 next year, I have to give her some allowance.  I worry if my small tiny 7 year old can manage with buying food and snacks in the school canteen.  I will pack snacks for her school breaks but we'll also give her some allowance for emergency.  I've started teaching her how to buy food. 
I've taught her the simple steps :

Queue Up
Speak Up
Ask How Much
Give Money
Wait for change (if any)

Sounds simple but a daunting task for a kid. I sent her to buy some kuih for me at our yumcha place and walk away, looking on from afar. When it's her turn, she chickens out or speak soo softly that the cashier cannot hear and when she's asked to speak louder, she'll chicken out and run back to me. 

A little step at a time. 

I'm sure, soon, I'll be complaining of a little shopper who is very confident in spending money $$$$$