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Friday, April 20, 2012

I was busy last night .....

 ... preparing cupcakes for Amber's 6th birthday. She's turning 6 over the weekend and this year is a breakthrough. I've added dairy to her diet and I'm giddy with excitement over her birthday cake. She's still nil on eggs but with dairy, I can do lots more than previous years birthday cuppies.

I still used the egg free, dairy free chocolate cake recipe my good friend Barb sent me 2 years ago when she found out Amber was allergic to dairy, yeast and eggs and her birthday was coming soon and mummy was panicking.

I modified the recipe.. butter replacing vegetable oil and milk replacing water. The cakes were so much more delicious.


There's a cake for dinner with the in-laws and more for her little party over the weekend. I baked 4 batches in total and the oven was busy all night. The hardest part was frosting the cake. I hate icing, in any form, always messy and almost always never get it right but kids love icing and I need a topping for the cake. She's chosen Ben 10 edible imaging for her cakes and I need frosting to place it on. Amber is really into Ben 10 now and nothing makes her happier than her superhero wishing her Happy Birthday.

We did the frosting together, she found it fun to slather the slippery icing..

There was a little hiccup in the beginning. I baked 2 cakes for 2 separate birthday celebrations but the cakes turned out too 'short' and hubs said it doesn't look 'tai fong', then I placed one on top of another and leaves me only 1 cake. So, I had to bake another batch.. to make another cake. of 2 layers.

We did simple creamcheese frosting with Philadelphia cream cheese. 4 portions cheese,2 portions icing sugar and 1 portion butter. The cake looks naked as here  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  - -- >

 Hubs said it's 'nice and rustic' looking. I didn't quite agree. Too many cooks spoils the broth. Anyways.... I proceeded with toppings for the cupakes.

Amber chose Minnie Mouse edible images for the cupcakes. She wants to have Ben 10 all to herself but she'll share Minnie Mouse with her friends.. Possesive girl, we have here.. nobody can share 'her' Ben 10.. ;)    I'll share more funny anecdotes on Ben 10 in future posts.

I enjoyed icing the cuppies, so much easier and fun than icing a whole cake. Amber and her Papa helped place the edible imaging on the cuppies while I cleaned up. We ended up with quite a lot of icing left and enough to justify dressing up the 'rustic and naked' looking Ben 10 cake.

I think Ben 10 looks more dashing in a properly dressed cake eh ?

There's lots to do but I'm looking forward to her very first 'little birthday party' over the weekend.

She's excited too and told my helper.. she can't sleep and can't wait !!!! Please please pray for birthday to arrive sooner !