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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Muak Muaks !

A couple of nights ago, we had dinner with hubs lou pang yau, they gang from the gym we used to hang out at.. 12 years ago. Everyone's gone different ways but we do keep in touch. We meet a couple of times a year, over dinner to catch up on what's happening.

I brought Amber along as she already had a long day in school and she miss us very much. Tak sampai hati nak leave her at home.

Dinner was at a noisy Chinese seafood restaurant and we ate, chat, laughed until it's time to say goodbye again. It's customary for us to plant welcome and goodbye kiss on the cheek. Left cheek right cheek, muak muaks kinda thing.

Amber was horrified when hubs friend planted a kiss on my cheek.

She was H-O-R-R-I-F-I-E-D !!

No !!!! You cannot kiss my mummy !

Mummy ! Next time you CANNOT let him kiss you and you CANNOT kiss him !

She sulked and sulked .... and then hubs friend wanted to kiss her too. She turned away.. furious !!

Hubs and I sniggered laughing and that made her more MAD , sulking all the way home//

Cute and funny....  nobody can touch her mummy and daddy and she said.. only your "DEAR"  a.k.a. hubs, can kiss you !