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Monday, June 18, 2012

A Quick Trip to Malacca

 On the last day of school, the Friday before the school holidays, we took the afternoon off and headed to Malacca. We wanted to get there when there's no crowd, no traffic and no queues. Friday evenings at Malacca is the best choice, that is.. if you can afford half a day off. We had no plans for this holiday and taking half a day off isn't too much eh ?

We arrived Dataran Pahlawan, Malacca close to late afternoon and hubs wanted to check out a magic shop. He wants to learn magic. HE WANTS TO LEARN MAGIC !!! yeah.. he does. I left him there with Amber and strolled around Pahlawan on my own - bliss !

 He spent close to 2 hours at the magic shop and we had to cancel initial our plans to the Coral Wonderland. The little one wasn't complaining as she's just as keen in magic as hubs.

He spent close to RM300 buying up some sort of magic package *rolls eyes*, I hope he puts to practice and not let it collect dust somewhere in the cupboard but hubs claims they have an outlet at Berjaya Times Square and he could go there for tutorials if he couldn't pass up some of the magic tricks.

We shall see !

We stopped by Pinkberry's for desert after the magic session. They have moved to basement level, next to the fountain area but I didn't quite like the new place. There weren't any chairs for us and we had to sit by the fountain and their prices has gone up !

I can't remember how much I paid for the durian cendol but on their website, it's noted RM4 per bowl. I remembered paying more but anyhow, it's worth every sen. This has to be THE durian cendol, if you're looking for one in Malaca. Comes with cubes of frozen durian pulp and it's soo yummy! Unlike those famous durian cendol at Jonker's Street and other touristy places, this one comes with yellow frozen durian pulp, not some brownish gunk that leaves a strong pungent durian essence aftertaste.

 See the pulp ? I'd definitely go there again, just for the durian cendol and try other deserts. I was saving my tummy for crepes and only had their durian cendol. We met a guy there who was on his 4th bowl of desert - durian cendol, mango lo lo and few more. He came from Batu Pahat with his friends and every Friday evening, without fail, after work, they'll go to Pinkberry's followed by dinner in Malacca town.

 We crossed the road to Mahkota Parade to check out Nadeje's new cafe. I heard the queue can be crazy and long but it wasn't a weekend, we could easily get a table.

We had the rum and raisin and mango yogurt crepe.

I still like plain crepe or rum and raisin the best. No heavy creams for me, no thanks...

Poor Amber couldn't have any crepes as she's allergic to eggs so I let her have the whipped cream decorations. We also let her have a sachet of sugar. We're bad parents, indulging in crepes while the little one had a sachet of sugar but she's not complaining !! :D :D

After paying a bomb for the crepes, I want to make m

Dinner was at Geographer Cafe. It was bad, very bad but it's my policy to write a bad review on any outlets. Maybe it was just bad timing and bad staff on the day but really... the food and service wasn't like before. It's wayyyyyyy off !!!
That was our short stopover at Malacca