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Monday, June 18, 2012

My Kyocera knife

 I've been eyeing on a ceramic knife for the longest time.
Anyone who knows me knows I'm obsessed with knives. I have a a couple of Zwillings, 2 Victorinox tomato knife - these are excellent for fruits as well, a Santouku stainless steel knife and a couple of Made in Thailand cheap Goldfish brand knives.

Been told never to drop the ceramic knife or you can kiss your hundreds of ringgits goodbye. A blogger mom recently cracked her Kyocera by cutting lemongrass. Who would have thought a mere serai (lemongrass) can crack up a ceramic ? I have to be more careful and never be forceful with the Kyocera.

Isetan had an offer for Kyocera knife and peeler during it's opening at new outlet at 1Utama recently. The offer was RM159 for the santoku knife and peeler but I was eyeing only on the knife.

Annie's husband was kind enough to get it during the pre-opening. He had to make a minimum purchase of RM100 storewide before purchasing this item. Another colleague also got me a set but I sold it to Jaclyn.

I tried slicing sour mangoes with my new ceramic knife, except for the slight resistance when slicing theough the seed, slicing is so effortless.

I also tried slicing a Dole pineapple with the knife. Easy peasy, glided through, like peeling a mango and guess what ??? The sliced pineapples reeked less juice and the cuts were much neater.

Can't wait to chop up some acar soon :D :D :D