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Friday, June 1, 2012

Our Illy coffee machine

 We're both coffee lovers. We met over coffee, talked over coffee and ran a cafe together before we tied the knots.

He even purchased a manual Gaggia machine with a separate coffee grinder and vacuum pots to store the beans but the hassle of washing up, descaling and calibrating the machine wore us out.

We've patronized SFX almost every other day including weekends and that, burnt a big hole in our pocket, not to mention time spent in the cafes idling.

Hubs came across a coffee machine at Espressamente Illy - Pavilion when he took the side entrance in to the cafe from the elevator area. We never noticed any espresso machines after months of patronizing.

The barista was there to give us samples and explained to us the convenience of capsule machines. No maintenance needed, just top up water and clean the steam vent (only if used for steaming milk).. There's 3 choice of capsules.. light roast, dark roast and decaffeneited - maybe more.. but we only take dark roast and that, costs us RM2.70 per pop. After few samples. . . we were awed  ... and sold...

Walked away with 2 machines... one for the office and another for home..

No regrets... it looks great in my kitchen and I could whip out hot coffee or latte anytime of the day.

This is a good buy and do check it out at
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