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Monday, June 18, 2012

Never Ask What A Kid Wants For Dinner

One Saturday, hubs was away for his CPD points training. It was just me and Amber, we visited Barb in the morning, went home, had lunch, ,sent her for gymnastics and back.

It was a whole day out for me and I didn't feel like preparing dinner, even though I have a helper.

I asked Amber what she would like to have for dinner.

I expected answers like  noodle, rice or pasta (standard stuff lah..)

She answered :

Renaissance Hotel ! I like the salmon

Nooo... no Renaissance Hotel. Our hotel card expired and we're not going to pay full price for dining.

What about the hotel near KLCC? The one very nice wan.. with a big piano ? Their white chocolate very nice !

*Mandarin Oriental*  KAPUT !!!!  Lesson learnt. Given them choices but don't ask them to choose randomly