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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sorry for kissing your butt!!

Something really stupid happened today. I had to be out of the house for some reasons and I had no idea where to go. In my mind , I wanted to go for a facial but have no a place in mind. I called hubs to chk tomorrow's schedule, if we were gg Ikano and if we were, then I wouldn't go there today. My mind was hazy and while plugging on my handsfree at a stop junction, I didn't realize my car was not in complete stop, still in D mode.


I kissed the butt of a black Perodua!!

S*** !!!!! We both got down and the driver was a middle aged lady. I apologized profusely and requested to stop somewhere safe so we don't block traffic behind us.

The lady got down and assessed the damage, minor scratches to her paintwork but my front bumper was dented. She said it's ok but I volunteered to pay and gave her my number.

2 hours later, while I was having my facial done, I received 4 missed calls from her, then came a message: Repair RM120, pls pay o/wise I'd have to make police report.

Kinda pissed me, I sincerely wanted to pay her, she needn't threaten me w a police report. I could have ignored her as I don't think there was grounds to make a police report. She didn't know my name or took any photo. Would the police be bothered w such remeh temeh claims ?

She'd probably think I was scooting off when I didn't pick up her call.

Anyway, I transferred RM120 to her bank ac asap. A cheap price to pay for a reminder to be more alert when driving.