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Monday, August 29, 2011

One Step At A Time..

Close friends knew I had some issues with my kid, her school and childminder recently until we hired a home helper.

We've been spending more time with Amber since our helper came on board. More quality time, that is, going to the park, reading, watching movies together and basically just activities together with here as opposed to previously, spending time together was being together but doing different things, hubs with his work, me with my endless housework and she, screaming for my attention by doing things that annoys me and what should have been a beautiful evening together turns out like a volcano erupted.

Jaclyn sent me an article that Mamapumpkin wrote.  I got hubs to sit down and read the article, line by line, and we both agree we have done more wrongs than rights and we could do a lot better rights moving forward. This article was an awekening for us. Nobody said parenting was easy. Scolding and caning is bullying. If we don't make it right now, we'll pay the price later. 

We make changes, a little at a time. I take responsibility for primary care, ensuring she is fed, clean and comfortable while hubs steps in on situations that calls for a stern voice. We practised.. no shouting.. but firm reminders, over and over again.  
Baby steps.. we'll get there.