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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Me, The Medicine Man

Been feeling under the weather lately. Stressed or dunno what.. I can't exactly pinpoint out. Not sleeping well and Amber's nightmares ain't helping either. I engaged a helper and things around the home have to change. Schedule need to be in placed, fridge needs to be stocked up, food labelled and house rules set in place.

I don't embrace change easily. In fact I hate changes especially nail biting ones, like engaging a new helper, changes in Amber's schedule or changes at work. It stressess me out !!!!

I had sleepless nights and the worst was after a few rounds of coffee from a nights out with friends. I stayed up till 3am .. typing out helpers schedule, dos and don'ts and house rules. Having made mistakes with my Cambodian maid before, this time I wanna set things right.

Sleepless nights + stress from re-organizing the household = Anxious Me !

My body was weak, vision blurred, mind blur and part of my face was numb. Hubs was worried about hypertension and quickly got my blood pressure checked from the home bp monitor.

Turns out.. I'm not hyper but have hypotension

and I googled.. classic symptoms of low blood pressure include :

Changes in mental status (difficulty concentrating, confusion) or a sense of "impending doom" or anxiety


gotta boil some red date water and nourishing soup tonight.

and that is me.. being my own Medicine Man.