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Friday, August 26, 2011

Manuka Honey Is Good For You

I went on a Manuka honey buying frenzy today. Isetan KLCC had a special offer for only RM99.95 per jar of Manuka Active 20+. The normal price is RM158 and I took opportunity of this good buy to stock up !! Everyone was buying a few jars each and I think this is a good testimonial on the goodness of manuka honey.

Amber is a fussy eater and always lack of appetite (being allergic to the egg, dairy and yeast makes her situation worst, lack appetite and lack of food choice, sigh !!). My sister in law advised me to give Amber 2 spoons of Manuka honey daily. I find it helps to improve her appetite and keep her healthy. I was a bit under the weather recently, I took a scoop of undiluted Manuka Active 20+ and  I feel energized almost immediately :D

You can get more information on Oregan Manuka Honey from their website. Open the jar and you can see very 'active' honey, smells good and tastes great. Manuka doesn't leave a strong sweet aftertaste like other honey but if I have sore throat, I take a scoop, undliluted,  I can feel the undiluted manuka honey  'arresting' my throat, as if the antibacterial properties are working at healing the infection. 

The healing properties of Manuka honey. I vouch it works :D