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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Dark Of The Moon

I enrolled Amber to Yamaha JMC and she started her first lesson. Teacher asked the kids. Where do you want to go with a rocket ?

Some said :
I want to go to the space
I want to go to the stars
I want to go to the sky

Amber said :
I want to go to the moon to look for Transformers..

everyone broke out laughing.

This cheeky little girl been playing games with me. I'm not very good at remembering the Transformers characters, I only remember the cute BumbleBee and sexy hoarse voice of Optimus Prime.  In fact I didn't know what Transformers was despite the cartoon been playing on tv over so many years and the unforgettable tune of :

Transformers... more than meets the eye.. Transformers... da..da.. da.. da. daaaa.....

My brother is a fan but I'm not. I only know Transformers are robots but I didn't know they were apparatus transformed to robots until Amber told me : Transformers is car become robot and robot become car..

Banging on my ignorance, she'll tell me :

Amber is BumbleBee
Papa is Optimus Prime
Mama is Megatron !!!

Now that I know Megatrons are bad fellas..  she'll tell me otherwise..  I'm Optimus Prime and Papa is Megatron BUT..... says the opposite to hubs.

So, have you caught Transformers - Dark of The Moon ? Frankly I think the movie is a tad too long. 2.5 hours !!!!