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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Going Up Genting Again

We went up to Genting Highlands last Sunday for a day trip.  On Saturday, we celebrated Amity's 1st birthday and BIL's stayed over at our place and the whole troop went up to Genting Highlands early Sunday morning. The family holds a yearly pass to the theme park and this is a good excuse to go up the highlands more frequently to fully utilize our pass.

I dislike food at Genting Highlands and the fast food there is crap. Despite paying premium, we were greeted by very dry fried chicken and ultra mini fries. Tsk .. tsk... I hope they'll buck up, I don't see any reason for chickens to taste less and dry at high altitudes. BIL brought us to a new makan place @ the Mushroom Farm. Food here is very reasonable and delicious. You can even arrange for a pick up from any part of Genting to the restaurant and back. Now, this is service and I'll skip the fast food on my next trip and have our meals at Mushroom Farm instead.

I didn't go for any rides except the 4d Magic Motion. Amber went for the kiddie rides with her cousin sister Yuen Wen. We were there at separate times and Amber wanted to ride The Spinner. I wasn't game for it but she insisted she can manage.

With a heavy heart (and till now, I still don't know why I let her up the ride), we let her go on her own. She lined up, followed the queue and both hubs and I fretted over her like shouting and talking to her outside the ride ring (we really looked like a bunch of nervous cowards, too scared to go up the ride and too scared to allow the little bud up the ride)

On her own. I didn't take any pics during the Spin, my legs were wobbly and heart thumping hard..

I was so afraid something unexpected or bad might happen. What if Amber cried for help? What if she wanted to get out during the Spin, what if the whole Spinner came crashing down.. All kinds of stupid and nerve wrecking thoughts ran through my mind and I prayed for the ride to be over asap.  
She didn't scream, cry or laugh. She looked stoned.

When it finally came to an end, she was helped off her seat and she came running towards us.. stoned.

I asked if she was scared..

'No, just a little bit scared..


oOOO... Oh ..dear.. we. laughed. so. loud.. she. was. scared. till. she. nearly pee-ed !