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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

Last few weeks has been hectic.

but life's been good.....

Few friends been asking why I never comment in their blogs or FB or why I never comment at all.
Busy-lah.. that's the typical answer I always give. I don't think anyone would want to hear the whole nine yards on what's been happening and I don't think I can repeat it over and over again, so if I've not been visiting your blogs or FB.. ampun maaf !

I've been blessed with many good friends and the last month, I've caught up with a few of my close schoolmates, pals since primary school.

A good friend from Perth visited us. She hasn't been back for more than 15 years and we caught up like how it was since school. That's the best thing about childhood friends from school, you can miss each other and not be in touch for years and years forth.. but when we meet, it's just like the old days.

Went to Langkawi with the hubs side (again !!!!!). Never get tired of this unassuming island. Lots of interesting place to fine dine and shop. MIL went with us this time and we did the touristy stuff like going to Oriental Village and getting up the cable car.

The brother and family came visiting too. Miss my nieces. Bless them. Came with lots of pressies for Amber and a whole basket load of cheese for hubs and me.

We went Malacca too. The first family trip and hopefully many many more trips to come. Poor ole Father can't walk much and didn't join us to the A' Famosa fort but he was the lucky one who didn't get sunburnt. Amber, my niece and me had to take the beca back to Jonkers Street. An experience we'll never forget.

Then came Amber's birthday. Something happened, very p***** and I'd rather not talk about how anal some people can be BUT bless that girl, she has so many pressies from friends, relatives and friends abroad. Been wanting to throw a birthday party but... next year I'll try again.. I promise.. the birthday party will come.. just .. 'one fine day'.

Something happened at work too. A pleasant surprise for hubs and me and a good opportunity for us and our clients. That kept us very busy.. hubs had up to 4 appointments on good days.

Bestie from London was back for Easter holidays and I only met up with her twice. She's busy. I'm busy. Enough said !

I went to Kuching to visit a dear friend. Went with another dear friend. My 'dear friends' are friends from school whom I've known since Primary 1. Thoroughly enjoyed my stay in meow meow land (as Amber calls it) and we've promised to do this girlie trip more frequent. I mean.. .. how often issit that I can go back to the hotel at 9pm and laze and sleep before midnight ? Or taking only 10 minutes to get ready for breakfast.
I've hinted to hubs I'll be going for more girlie trips  :D  ... you need to see the sad look on his face, can't say 'NO' and he kept telling me the home is very hollow without my nagging.. :D :D :D

Now.. I'm back to blogging and will be filling my future posts with what I've been busy about !

Life is Great  (San Francisco Coffee's tag - our favourite coffee !)