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Friday, May 6, 2011

Amber's 5th Birthday - 22 April 2011

We celebrated her birthday with the inlaws at Madam Kwans, Mid Valley. It's our family ritual to celebrate at Mdm Kwans but no complains since Amber likes the fried chicken very much and it's allergy free - no eggs, no dairy.
It was a school day like usual, she goes to school and amidst our busy day, I reminded hubs not to make any appointment and to pick her up early from the childminders. I did prepare a box of cupcakes for her to celebrate with her friends at childminder's but she did not finish her lunch and the candle blowing-cake sharing episode was called off, she came back with a box of cakes and a sad face :(  but that didn't last for long before we dressed her up in a pink gown, couriered all the way from Perth. Thanks KY, Mike, Lauren, Owen !!!

She looked very regal that evening, in the pink 'wedding like' gown. She didn't want to fasten her seat belt in the car for fearing of 'crumpling' her gown :D

Yuen Wen cheh cheh gave her a big big birthday hug !

 She had her fried whole leg. No rice, just chicken for the birthday princess.

Yuen Wen gave her a beauty set !!! So timely as she asked me to buy her a vanity mirror but I refused (firstly, it's costly, around RM40 and the mirror is made of glass, not safe)

Here's Little Ms Vainpot fishing out each item from her beauty set :

The in laws ordered a durian cheesecake from Secret Recipes with Ben 10 edible image. I seriously think Secret Recipe should restock their edible image. Firstly, there wasn't many choice and the Ben10 image below is not very Ben 10, except for the 'Ben 10' logo but the cake was good. Very creamy and delish and durian pulps tasted fresh too.

Amber couldn't have the cakes but I got some cupcakes for her. She's happy just to have us sing her a birthday song and blowing the candles

To make up for her cake, we treated her to a Gelatissimo sorbet at The Gardens.

Lipsmacking goody stuff ! Better than cakes !

Happy 5th Birthday !