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Friday, April 22, 2011

She turns 5 today !

Happy Birthday to my little girl.

Little baby no more, little girl she is. Into Disney princess, costumes, all things ballerina and pink, that's my little girl turning 5 today.

I have a confession, an admission actually. I've dreamed wanted to plan birthday parties for her.
1st birthday came and gone, then the 2nd, 3rd, 4th came and gone too. Year in year out, we've been having dinner with the in laws to celebrate her birthday, and I've still not planned a proper party for her.

Every year, I have the perfect excuse for not planning a proper birthday party and it does not help that hubs birthday falls a day after hers and he has his own agenda with his brothers too. That's a family thing and a tradition we won't stop.

The past few weeks have been hectic. One event after another. My bestie is back from London. Brother and family back for Easter holidays and we just came back from a family holiday at Langkawi last week.
Hubs has a new assignment in hand and he's packed with appointments.

Amidst the busy-ness, life's been good and I am thankful.

I wanted to plan a McDonald birthday party tomorrow for Amber since the cousins are in town but McD's party schedule doesn't agree with ours and all parties are in late afternoon and evenings coz afternoon's packed with McValue lunch crowd. So, McD's out !

Ding-dong-ding-dong here and there and I haven't planned a party for her but since my brother and his family was in town, we had dinner and a blow candle session yesterday. Photos to come up when the busy-ness tide is low.

She requested for Princess cupcakes and wants to share with her pallies at the childminders. I made a box but used them for last nights dinner with my brother. I didn't want to disappoint her.. made another batch, ran out of edible image, I tried the pack of pettinice icing. Big mistake. so messy and un-manageable. Anyone with experience on pettinice here ? hello ??  I cheated a little bit here and there and got together 2 box of cuppies. One for the childminders and a couple more for celebration dinner tonight with the grandparents here :

She made a birthday wish last night.. supposedly a secret but you know 5 year olds la..can't keep a secret. In less than 2 seconds.. she whispered her wishes to me. She wants a scooter for her bday and a yoyo car for her 6th birthday. Very smart ! I can't think of anyone else who'll wish for next birthdays.. aiyer.. this little girl is too smart for her own good. I whispered back.. why don't you wish the opposite ? A yoyo car for 5 year old and a scooter for your 6 year old birthday ??

.. and that's because we have a yoyo car in our garage to surprise her tonight *sniggers*

And there's the pressies.. so many pressies for her. From my friends, her friends, beautiful dressess from my sister in law, her cousins and a big parcel arrived from Perth yesterday. There's a princess pink 'gown' in it and she wants to wear it tonight.

She's loved, my girl !

Although we're only having a simple celebration with the family tonight, the kind and warm thoughts from friends and family, near and far fills her birthday with many wonderful memories !

Happy Birthday my little Amber ! Please please be good and not drive mummy up the wall anymore k ?

Muaks !