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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Can Human Eat Dog Food ?

What would you say if your 5 year old asked you ?

Can Human Eat Dog Food ?

Hubs snapped NO ! Cannot !
For obvious reasons.. and you know 5 year olds can be very inquisitive and curiosity did kill the cat.
I was doing the dishes, hubs was tapping on his mobile phone when she asked.

She asked again :   I dog can eat human food why human cannot eat dog food ?

I knew I had to give a better answer than a NO !

Hubs explained that dog food does not have enough nutrition etc.. and I know it's not true. A can of dog food can be more expensive than luncheon meat, depending on which brand of luncheon meat but we love Tulip and that's expensive.

I gave a very simple answer : dog food is very yucky and no humans would want to eat it.

She later told me : I asked because I saw Chiro eating human food.

*case closed*

Chiro is my cousins pekingese pup and eats from their plates :D
I googled today and got the answers here ..