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Friday, April 8, 2011

Little Ms Loyarburok

She's getting more clever in her choice of words (alas.. still cannot read) but when it comes to arguments, she'll always want to have the last say.. and this, she takes after me.  :(

At the class trip to Dominos Pizza's, teacher asked the kids to wash their hands after the so called 'pizza making demo', which was, in fact, just slathering  some tomato paste and sprinkling some cheese on pizza dough. So, if you wanna know how a trip to 'pizza parlour' is like, this is it. Barb, do take note !

The kids were instructed to wash hands after the demo as there'll be pizza served..
Only one basin available and kids had to line up to wash hands. My Amber.. barged in to the front and washed her hands, annoying other kids.. and some kids even gave me the disapproving look. I told her nicely that she had to queue up.

Now, let's get back to what I wanted to talk about today.

She came back from school yesterday and brought up the subject of 'Jump Queue'.. they learnt the meaning of jump queue and  why it's rude and bad manners..
AHA ! So I thought ! I brought up the incident at Domino's and asked her if she remember.

First, she denied she was jumping queue, then she came up with all sorts of reasons justifying her actions.. she even said jumping queue is when you push everyone away, one by one but at Domino's there was a space by the sink for her to stand.

She said : No lah ! I didn't jump queue .. I CUT IN only !

ohhhhh myyyy gawwdddd  !!!!! hubs and I broke out laughing..

Well said Amber, well said ! CUT IN means JUMPING QUEUE !

It's the same.....

sigh, this 5 year old has potential to be loyarburok !!