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Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Man Cooks

Am so proud of him. After 11 years of marriage, he finally got his hands dirty and cooked a storm.
We held our annual CNY gathering at home with the inlaws and he's agreed to cook, 2 items - roast pork and lap mei fan. 

I briefed him on the instructions and he came up with tadaaaa.......

Lap Mei Fan...a big big portion to be shared, mixed and tossed by all : 

We added chinese wine sausage, liver sausage and waxed duck. I forgot to buy 'lap yuk' but it still taste just as good.

He made a piece de resistance  SIEW YUK !!!

Not bad eh ???  Now, we have an official pork roaster at home. hahhahahhahaha.... Well done and clap clap clap.

He, who's afraid of knives and choppers and can never cut an onion up, even chopped up the roast pork to bite size pieces as I was resting upstairs

I'm very happy with his efforts and he's promised to whip up more delish dish for me.. Finally... I can 'tharn' a bit...