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Monday, January 21, 2013


I have a whole loads of creams I use for my tummy area. Roskens Vit E, Vit E Concentrate, Palmers Cocoa butter, Palmers body balm and few others but nothing could stop me from getting this new cream, specifically labelled 'Tummy Butter for stretch marks. The name hit spot on.. ... I just had to get it as a reason to treat myself, to be more rajin, an excuse to rub it on more frequently.

Instructions says to rub on at least 3 times a day. I keep it iny handbag and the tub comes in handy when I'm in the car, idling away time.

Verdict : Smells delish, like Yakult !! Yet to show results but like any other stretch mark creams, prevention or reduction is severity is what we look for. This definitely smells and feels smoother than the L'occitane Shea butter I slathered (while pinching my nose with the other hand) when I was pregs with #1 .