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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Amber's Cousins

Amber and Natalie cher cher

Amber's cousins came for a short visit from Australia recently. They last saw Amber on her 1st birthday celebration last year and it's been a looong time. Amber do remember them by names but I don't think she recalls playing with them.

Although their trip was a short one, the moments spent together was fun and memorable. I wish they would visit more frequent and hopefully we get to got Melbourne to visit them too.

Sharlene, Amber and Rosalyn

The cousins having a good time, dancing and singing

Rosalyn was very close to me and hubby couple of years ago when my brother and his family was based in Singapore and visited KL more frequent. We cherished the times spent with her, taking her along for our coffee sessions and all our makan sessions.

Although their trip was very short, and we were very busy with our house move, we did spend some quality time together and hopefully they will visit again soon.